KidZone is a Christian Kids Program at Pleasant View Church in Red Lion, PA

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Joshua,Extreme Hero!

On March 15th, KidZone will be starting a new series entitled “Joshua, Extreme Hero”! This nine week series dives deep into the adventures of Joshua, andd060a2ce9935d5809c2f9a4ad33c2b77 gives us a closer look at the hero he became with God in his corner! Lessons include “Holy Cow?”, “You Want Me to do What?”, and “Tearing Down the Walls”. You won’t want to miss this exciting series!…


Average Pete

pete_medKidZone is halfway through a new series entitled, “Average Pete”. This ten week curriculum follows Peter, one of Jesus’ disciples as he decides to follow Jesus, and learns many lessons along the way. Come join us as we dive into Peter’s story and learn to become “fishers of men”!…


Deal With It!


Beginning November 2nd, KidZone will be starting a new curriculum entitled “Deal With It”. This series tackles ten BIG issues and problems that kids face every single day; issues such as fear, anger, forgiveness, peer pressure, and much more. Each week, we take one of those issues and learn how to “Deal With It”, using God’s word! You won’t want to miss this exciting new series!…


You’ve Got Questions, He’s Got Answers!


KidZone has started a new series entitled “You’ve Got Questions, He’s Got Answers”! For the next ten weeks, we will be following the life of Joseph and tackling some of life’s toughest question including ‘Can God really use me?’, ‘Do I have to forgive them?’, ‘Why do bad things happen to good people?’, and many more. You won’t want to miss out on this incredible story!…


Between the Lines

261042MBeginning June 15th, KidZone will be starting “Between the Lines”, a 9 week series about discovering the truth in the parables of Jesus. We will be exploring parables including The Good Samaritan, The Talents, The Prodigal Son, The Unforgiving Servant, and many more! Join us as we learn the important lessons from the most important Teacher who ever lived, Jesus!”


Never Too Young!


On April 27th, KidZone will be starting a new series entitled “Never Too Young”. During this six week series children will explore valuable lessons from the bible’s youngest heroes: the boy with 5 loaves and 2 fishes, Timothy, David, Esther and more! They will learn that they don’t have to wait until they grow up to do big things for God!


What A Day!


 On April 6th, KidZone will be starting a new curriculum entitled “What A Day”! This three week Easter series begins with the last supper and follows Jesus in His journey to the cross, concluding with His amazing resurrection!  Join us as we celebrate His loving sacrifice and His powerful victory over the grave!


Teach Us to Pray

TeachUsToPray-logoStarting February 16th, KidZone will be starting a new curriculum entitled “Teach Us To Pray”. This is a 6 week series in which we will be breaking down the Lord’s Prayer, and learning how to pray from the master of prayer himself, Jesus! We’re excited to start tapping into the power of prayer!…



Mythbusters LOGO - smallBeginning January 5th, KidZone will be starting a 6 week series entitled “Mythbusters”, where we will be taking a closer look at 6 myths that are most commonly believed about God. By diving further into God’s word we will ‘Bust Those Myths’ by uncovering the truth about the everlasting love and forgiveness God has for each and every one of His children. Join us for “Mythbusters”!

Week 1) God Is Too Strict To Accept Me
Week 2) God Is Too …


The Gift

God has many  GIFTs that He wants to give each of us. We are reminded of these gifts when we read the Christmas Story. God loves to give GIFTs to His children.

  • The Gift of Grace
  • The Gift of Joy
  • The Gift of Peace
  • The Gift of Wisdom

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